Me:  How do you even begin to draw a virus?

John Liebler:  There are databases of coordinates for viruses… and then there’s scientific software that can interpret those coordinates… and then I kill a chicken and do a dance… and there’s always black magic involved.

Me: Try this smoked gouda.
Abigail: I’m scared.
Me: Just this tiny piece.
Abigail: Okay.
Me: How is it?
Abigail: Well, it’s not spit-out bad.

Zachariah: You should do stand-up comedy.
David Gleba: I don’t stand up very well.
Zachariah: How about sit-down comedy?
Gleba: Maybe.
Bryan: I know! How about lying down comedy?

It wasn’t lies. It was just bullshit. Elwood Blues

We were having some engineering difficulties getting the roller coaster cart to turn into a worm. Part of Rachel Connolly’s dream

David Gleba: You know what would be [a good career] for you?
Abigail: What?
Gleba: A wholesale distributor for extruded aluminum products.