Things My Friends Say, Vol 2 No 1

Me:  How do you even begin to draw a virus?

John Liebler: ¬†There are databases of coordinates for viruses… and then there’s scientific software that can interpret those coordinates… and then I kill a chicken and do a dance… and there’s always black magic involved.

Me: Try this smoked gouda.
Abigail: I’m scared.
Me: Just this tiny piece.
Abigail: Okay.
Me: How is it?
Abigail: Well, it’s not spit-out bad.

Zachariah: You should do stand-up comedy.
David Gleba: I don’t stand up very well.
Zachariah: How about sit-down comedy?
Gleba: Maybe.
Bryan: I know! How about lying down comedy?

It wasn’t lies. It was just bullshit. Elwood Blues

We were having some engineering difficulties getting the roller coaster cart to turn into a worm. Part of Rachel Connolly’s dream

David Gleba: You know what would be [a good career] for you?
Abigail: What?
Gleba: A wholesale distributor for extruded aluminum products.

2 thoughts on “Things My Friends Say, Vol 2 No 1”

  1. Trying new things is good especially if you know what category is. I know about food Viruses and I tell you , I would never eat from a cold table at a picnic. Stay away from oysters and don’t eat hanging around meat.Those that like their steaks or burgers med are at risk. To Kill Bacteria meat should be 165. Also wash your hands constantly, use the paper towel that you dried your hands with to open the door then throw the towel in the trash or near it. At a bar resist just say no to the baskets with peanuts or what nots. Most people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom so………… Just a bit od info.

  2. This blogis so funny about comedy. Brian is a shoe in. He has a way of saying something that will piss your pants without his face changing as he speaks And Abigail should be there also for stand up comedy. But that’s not your day job you would be a good engineer.


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