Connolly Girl Trio performs “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers

Rachel, Abigail, and I had so much fun singing this song together, I wanted to record it before Rachel went off to college.  For some reason, it felt like she was leaving forever never to return or sing with us ever again. Then I remembered that she would need a place to live over Christmas breaks and summers.  HA!  So maybe I’ll be able to twist both their arms to sing with me again.

Many thanks to my son Zachariah who did all of the following:

  • helped me pack the car with all the audio equipment
  • set up all the audio equipment in the GCTV studio
  • put up with my crazy ideas about how to shoot this
  • directed several takes
  • engineered all the audio during those shoots
  • helped pack up all the equipment
  • helped me upload all of it at home

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