Carex crinita

Carex scorparia

I feel very exotic giving any of these sedges names.  I hope someone will offer correction if necessary.  I blame Lauren Brown for any mistakes since she makes it seem so easy in her book Grasses:  An Identification Guide.  I hope I get to meet her someday since she lives in just the next town … Read more

Nut Sedge

Nut Sedge

Once I photographed this sedge and found a name for it, I started to see it everywhere – mainly along the roadsides.  Today I saw it in the gardens at the Guilford Free Library, and I’m sure someone will come along and pull it up for a weed. I guess you’re supposed to be able … Read more

Carex laxiflora

Sounds to me like a lazy sedge. I came out of a building the other day with Rachel in tow and stumbled over what most other people would be trying to throw weed killer on.  It was growing up out of a crack in the sidewalk.  My exclamation of “Oh! Look how cute it is!” … Read more