Sandy Connolly

Music Teacher, Web Developer, Photographer


As you can see, I lead a triple life.

Number one, I own and run Crescendo Music Loft in Madison, Connecticut where I teach music via private voice and piano lessons. I am developing my own curriculum called Crescendo Music System, a 12-level, integrated curriculum teaching sight reading, rhythm, melodic dictation, and theory.

Number two, I own and run Super 9 Studios where we develop WordPress websites for small businesses in the area. We also help people with anything related to their online presence, whether it be YouTube channels, Google My Business profiles, or Facebook.

Number three, I take a lot of pictures. A lot. As in, over 100,000. My specialty is portraits, nature, and product.

Teaching the Fundamentals of Music

You could say I run a music studio and teach voice, piano, and music theory, but some might call it a boot camp. I’m continually developing my own material, Crescendo Music System, and trying it out on my students, and they help me find better and better ways to teach.

Super 9 Studios

Web Development, Commercial Photography, & IT Support

We are a Connecticut-based web development and commercial photography studio. Whether you’re starting a new company, launching a new product, or need to update your current WordPress website, we can help. Check out our website to find out more. We’re like Botox for your business image.

Together with Ted Ervin, the love of my life and fantastic bass player, we are Living With Robots duo. The name came to us when we realized we were surrounded by six Alexa’s at our house.

We enjoy working with many local musicians! Check out some of our videos on YouTube.



I am developing the Shoreline Musicians website in an effort to document, celebrate, and honor the local music scene on the Shoreline in Connecticut. I love the local music scene. Why pay upwards of hundreds of dollars to see famous people from rows and rows away at the bigger venues when I can go to places like the Country Tavern or Shep’s in Guilford or out to Donahue’s in Madison and sit RIGHT IN THE FRONT ROW? The caliber of musicians can just as good, and I can even sit and have a conversation and a drink. How much more fun is that?

My long-term goal is to help breathe life into the local music scene, provide a place to celebrate the ones in the trenches, and get a few good photos in the meantime.