The Finest of Sportsmen

The best players check their ego at the door and get the job done.
They are the finest of sportsmen.
The job: Open Mic at Donahue’s.
The mix-up: who was on lead guitar.
The result: no guitar player.
Many texts go out from Trot to Savino.
“Where are you?”
Trot plays guitar instead of bass.
We’re close to the end.
The last singer is up.
The song starts.
I notice we have a bass line.
Savino is playing bass!
There is great rejoicing.
A few more songs go by in this configuration.
Time to finish.
Someone in the band calls, “One more song!”
Trot: “Savino! Gimme that!!!!
“And never, never, never play five-string again!
“Remind me to bring a four-string for your ass!”
Axes change hands.
They blow the roof off on the final song.
Satisfaction is had by all.
I love my job.

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