I owe Zach $1 today

Today’s line up:

  • I will have to pay Zachariah $1 because he won the bet that even though he got a Facebook page a month ago, he held his ground and didn’t accept any friend requests.  (I thought he would cave.  He had to get a Facebook page to apply to be accepted into an on-line music community so he can submit his music for better exposure.)
  • Abigail is wearing fake, black-rimmed glasses to school.
  • My friend Monica Fournier will come help me with my bookkeeping.  I love her, and she is really helping me make good financial plans.
  • I will meet with Irene at 11:00 where we will squeeze onto her desk and fit two people and two computers into a space made for one.  I suppose if it were any number of other people the space could feel small, cramped, or intolerable, but with Irene it’s roomy.  We type on each other’s keyboards sometimes.
  • I will drink all of John’s coffee while I’m there.
  • Zach’s friend Nathaniel will come over after school for a couple of hours so they can collaborate on composing music.  This makes me very happy.
  • Zachariah and I will have a meeting today to go over all his school work.
  • I suppose I will make something for dinner, but I don’t have any plans.
  • Abigail has a monster ballet day today, but not as monster as Friday.  She will dance from 4:00 – 6:30, and then she will have a melt-down about her homework at some point in the evening.  We keep having conversations about pulling her out of that second class for the sake of a happier Tuesday child, but then she melts down even more.  Sigh.
  • At 7:30, Sam Bradford, Freddie Rathbun, Tom Knapp, and Mark Otterson will show up for band practice, and we will play loud music.  Nice.

1 thought on “I owe Zach $1 today”

  1. Even Though you have a lot to do in a day , like abby , You to are organized. Beth took dance for 2 years. But of course didn’t make it to ” toe”. I cannot believe it costs that much for shoes then you have to work on them . then beat the shit out of them or “breakin” them in. I don’t know how you do it. You always look calm. Give us a crazy face so we can feel normal good job Sandy on web page


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