Driving Cuties

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We have driven all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania in an effort to overcome the resistance in Rachel’s body to going west.

I think we’ve done it.

I’ve discovered that while I enjoy being chauffeured, it’s not the most reliable transportation with Zach completely unable to navigate (for the sole reason that he lacks training) and me succumbing fully to my ADD in the back seat.

My very favorite moment was when all of the following happened in the space of about five minutes:

1. Rachel missed the exit off of the NJT for I-78 West.

2. I took an important call from a client that involved giving detailed information about Sunday’s photo shoot because I didn’t know when else I would be able to talk to him.

3. In an effort to turn around, Rachel got stuck in big traffic going to Newark airport and was driving on and off all kinds of crazy ramps going WHO KNOWS WHERE.

4. I’m thinking she can just drive wherever until I get off the phone so I can use it to turn my GPS on.

5. I get involved in a deep discussion with my client and friend about all the philosophical, spiritual, and political issues surrounding this particular shoot at the very moment of #6.

6. Zach and Rachel discover a little ramp that looks like it’s going to save us from ramp and traffic madness, so they take it only to find that it just brings us right back to where we were.  Somehow, it was so entertaining and frustrating to them at the same time that they are SCREAMING with delight and madness “It was just a slide!!!!”

I think Rachel was a little annoyed that I took that call when she needed help. Oh well. I tried to explain, but I should have apologized.

It’s so very lovely and peaceful to be in the company of all three children while we are traveling. There’s nothing like it in the world.


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