A Photo of Poales Dedicated To My Son, Zachariah

This morning, Abigail, Zachariah, and I accompanied my mom and stepdad for the half hour haul into Ellsworth. A trip into town from their house (Thrush Cottage) in Waltham is a big deal around here. The town of Waltham is so small my mom says she hasn’t even been able to find it in all the years they’ve lived here. You better have a full tank of gas before you ever leave town, cuz there ain’t no getting any between getting home and getting back to town.

But I digress.

We dropped off my mom and Abigail at the hairdressers for my mother’s ungodly 8:30 am appointment. (Mom! What were you thinking? 🙂 ) Zachariah and I accompanied Carl to Home Depot and the bank. As Zach and I waited in the car at the bank, I spotted a big patch of what looked like a lot of grasses I’d never seen before next to the parking lot. I told Zach, “Tell Carl to come pick me up when he’s done.” Zach rolls his eyes.

As I suspected, there was A LOT OF GREAT STUFF in there. I was a little scared of snakes since the horsetails made it difficult to see the ground, and I was sort of wading waist deep in tall grasses, but I persisted and got handfuls of grasses and sedges to bring back with me.

As I got into the car, Zach’s only comment was, “Mom! All of that stuff looks the same.”

Zachariah, this photo is for you.

Poales Next to the Bank in Ellsworth, Maine

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