Attaining Warp Speeds on Long Hill Road in Guilford

warp_speed_chart_w1My friend EJ asked me how it went finding a drummer for the Acoustic Open Mic at the Country Tavern last night, and I was inspired to give him the blow-by-blow:

  • 10:51 Text Rob to see if he’s still available to be house drummer that evening
  • 12:03 Rob texts that he’s preparing for a baby shower and wants to switch with someone
  • 12:04 Post a cry for help on Facebook
  • 12:05 Tony Cafiero says I can borrow his shaker eggs
  • 12:12 I can’t wait any longer, and I can’t do anything else until this is resolved.
  • 12:12 I resort to sending emails begging Pete or Joe to please switch months with Rob.
  • 12:36 Pete writes that he can. “7:00?”
  • 12:44 Joe says he can’t
  • 12:45 Me to Pete “Yes! Excellent! 7:00!”
  • 12:46 I breathe a sigh of relief and go about my day.
  • 6:40 I get to the CT in time to greet three acts who are already there waiting to sign up.
  • 7:00 More people are arriving and signing up. “You got a drum kit?” “It’s on it’s way!”
  • 7:10 No sign of Pete.
  • 7:11 The house is getting VERY FULL!
  • 7:12 That’s weird. Pete is an on-time kinda guy.
  • 7:13 I start wringing my hands.
  • 7:15 Pete walks in all bright-eyed and says, “You got any sticks?”
  • 7:15 Me: Hmmm… well… hey! Mark Cascio! You got some sticks Pete can use? Mark: “Yep!”
  • 7:15 Me to Pete: You need help unloading your car?
  • 7:15 Pete: What?! I thought you were bringing your kit.
  • 7:15 Pete: I’ll go back and get mine.
  • 7:15 Me: Where is your house?
  • 7:15 P: Branford.
  • 7:16 Attain warp speeds up Long Hill Road to my house
  • 7:23 Arrive at my house and throw entire kit in tact in PT Cruiser
  • 7:25 Attain warp speeds down Long Hill Road back to the CT
  • 7:26 Everyone descends on the Cruiser
  • 7:32 Drum kit set up
  • 7:33 Breathe a sigh of relief
  • 7:34 Sling on the guitar, slip behind the drum kit
    7:35 Play opening tune like everything is running just fine, thank you.
    7:38 OMG!!!

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