This Came Out of My Body?

Sometimes I am in complete disbelief over what my children are doing. How could this possibly have come out of me? I would never in a million years be able to do that or even know where to begin, or even think of doing it!

When I hear Rachel say something like, “Oh yeah! The Enigma Machine… I learned all about that in 8th grade,” or when I watch Abigail perform the most beautiful of ballet moves, I am awestruck that this came out of me.

Today, I witnessed something of a ballet by Zachariah: soldering. Who knew he had this in him? The level of concentration and precision necessary was blowing me away. He has 64 x 4 of these to do:  256 he tells me. Whoa. I think I would crawl out of my skin before I could finish anything like that.