Music I’m Listening To

I listen to aLOT of music.  Between stuff I want to hear, stuff my kids listen to, stuff my students want to learn, stuff I gotta learn for church, stuff I learn for my own band, stuff I learn to sing with other bands, and stuff people tell me I should listen to, the volume is overwhelming.

As of July 2013

  • Love Has Come For You – Edie Brickell & Steve Martin – an amazing album.  “Love Has Come For You” is an amazing song that I can’t stop listening to.  Thank you, Edie!
  • Annie Up – Pistol Annies – VERY FUN!  I love Miranda Lambert anyway, and now I’m figuring out who those other two chicks are.  The three of them together are dynamite!
  • Born & Raised – John Mayer – I’ve had this album for maybe a year now, and I can’t stop listening to it.  John’s guitar playing, songwriting, and singing are all tens on this album.
  • The Highway – Holly Williams – I bought this album on a whim, which I usually regret, but now I have a new favorite song writer.  Great songs!  Great singer!
  • Night Visions – Imagine Dragons – Other than the two songs everyone knows, I am a bit disappointed with this album.
  • Locked Down – Dr. John – I love Dr. John, but I am still trying to get past the production on this to give it a good listen.
  • Old Yellow Moon – Emmy Lou Harris & Rodney Crowell – I got this because my friend Ted Ervin has recommended so many of her songs for me to sing that I love that I thought I’d give her a try.  So far, I’m not too crazy about it.
  • Songs about Jane – Maroon 5 – only got this because one of my voice students wanted to sing some of their stuff.  WOW!  Adam Levine’s voice is close to perfection on this album, the song writing is top, and I can’t get enough of those grooves.

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